Social Media Services

As your Social Media Manager, here are the types of social networking services I provide to your business:

Initital Consultation

We begin with a meeting for you to introduce your business to me, summarizing your business objectives and target audience. From there I will advise on the most appropriate social media networks likely to return the best customer loyalty and results, and the type of content and involvement required to succeed.

Creation of Social Media Accounts (Optional)

Once we have agreed upon the best social media networks to target, I will review your existing accounts and set up your new accounts as necessary. This includes such tasks as setting up your unique web address at each social network, adding photos for avatars and cover images, posting your About section, and posting your first status message.

Getting Followers

Once you have your first post, the next step is to find followers. With your help, we will identify those with whom we need to initiate online conversations. This involves following others of similar interests, asking others to follow you, and sometimes promoting your page through paid advertising. I will also advise you how to promote your social media activities through other channels.

Content Creation and Postings

Each week we will meet by your preference of phone or email, to discuss upcoming events, sales, promotions, and news. As appropriate, I will write, optimize for search engines, and post this information to your preferred networks. Photographs, images and videos are strongly encouraged. I will advise you on what type of content is desirable. If you can convey a concept to me, I can write it up in a professional yet personal voice that is reflective of your business. I also edit photographs and videos as needed to maintain a professional apearance online.

Buzz Monitoring

For each of the social media networks you have selected, I will daily monitor any conversations arising about your organization or service. As appropriate, I will reply on your behalf for simple answers (e.g., "Are you open on Christmas Day?"), and I will obtain your response for each issue that needs your involvement. All conversations will be logged. I also offer an alert service to inform you each time your business is mentioned on a website outside of social networks.

Email Campaigns

Many organizations have an existing customer/subscriber list. A periodic newsletter, announcement or promotion via email is an easy, ideal way to encourage customer loyalty and retention. This is another service I provide, in writing, design, and delivery through email.

Marketing and Viral Campaigns

Opportunities exist to draw in new customers via contests, polls, webinars, paid advertising on Facebook and other social networks, YouTube videos, and Twitter campaigns, to name a few. As situations arise, whether it's a new service you offer or the need to boost sales during the slower months, we can address the most effective ways to gain new customers.

Statistics and Analysis

Evaluating your effectiveness on social media can be challenging. As your social media manager, I will give you monthly reports identifying which posts received the best responses, how your subscriber base has grown, and any other relevant metrics.