Professional Marketing Consulting

Do you need a professional social media strategy, paid advertizing guidance, search engine optimization techniques, website management training, or someone to help you figure out which domain invoice to pay? I've got you covered.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is responsible for a website, social media account, or online advertizing. Most of my clients are responsible for all three. I support small businesses, employees in medium/large businesses who manage a website as part of their responsibilities, volunteer organizations, religious groups, schools, hobby businesses, and politicians, to name a few. I'm happy to help anyone who needs an internet-savvy, online marketing and technical professional supporting them.

What is included?

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is typically a 2-3 hour session reviewing your current status, processes, business goals and online goals. Prior to this consultation, you will have shared with me a brief summary of your concerns, and I will have reviewed your online presence (website, social networking, etc.). During the consultation, we discuss your experience in updating content online and and your current needs.

From this initial consultation you will receive numerous actionable items to begin improving your online presence immediately. I follow up 2-3 days later with documentation for the topics covered in the consultation and any additional relevant resources.

Ongoing Monthly Retainer

After the initial consultation, you will feel empowered to make changes to improve your online presence. The monthly retainer package exists to support you and build on that momentum for as long as you are benefitting from the service. The retainer includes several hours consulting and training each month via phone and email, not only on our initial topic, but spanning your complete online presence.

I cover topics regarding

  • improving ranking in search engines,
  • advertising strategy on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and any other relevant channels,
  • which social networks are the best for your industry,
  • how to use YouTube to draw in more customers,
  • domain name problems,
  • website troubleshooting,
  • training in HTML code, metatags, and CSS (style sheets) and how it applies to your editing system (e.g., WordPress, Drupal)
  • how to manage email and spam (junk email),
  • explanation of hosting and ecommerce fees,
  • preventing phishing (identity theft),
  • debunking domain name scams (and which ones you do need to renew),
  • estimate/proposal reviews,
  • and technology purchase advice, to name a few.

Domain Name Verification

You may not think it's necessary, but I also verify your domain name(s) for you, documenting the legal ownership, registrar and expiration date. I also include an explanation of the different terms used in the documentation, and who you should pay to renew it. Furthermore, as long as you have me on retainer, I will alert you 4-6 weeks before your domain name expires, to remind you and confirm the need to renew it. Far too many people fall for the domain name registration scams, and I have a personal mission to put those scammers out of business.