About Cindy

My number one goal has always been to be a provider my clients can trust to ensure their success online.

Cindy Reeves, owner of Reeves DigitalMy name is Cindy Reeves, and I am the owner of Reeves Digital. I have been a computer geek for more decades than I care to admit, beginning with programming in BASIC when I was only 9 years old. An early adopter of the World Wide Web, I had my first website up by 1995. My affair with computers continued through the years. In 2007, when asked to volunteer "a few weeks" to code my own content management architecture, I thankfully discovered and soon fell in love with the beauty and power of Drupal. I now build sites in Drupal as often as possible, which allows my clients to manage the content of their site without having any advanced computer skills.

I spent 6 years at a Fortune 50 company learning best practices in B2B marketing and e-commerce. I left to start my own website development business, adapting and applying my experience and skills for large corporations to the needs of small organizations. Many of my clients are unaware of what a site can do for their business, and my greatest strength is being able to identify and translate their needs into an effective online presence, guiding them in what is possible and best suited for their situation.

When not working, I can be found spending time with my family, indulging in digital photography, collecting dinosaur fossils, and rambling across the Highlands of Scotland.

If you really want more details...

I have 21 years of Internet-development experience. My skills and practical experience include content management systems (Drupal by choice, although I am competent in WordPress as well), HTML5, Dynamic HTML, mobile optimization, JavaScript, Perl, CGI and PHP programming, MySQL databases for dynamic web sites and web applications, video editing, and graphic design (including animated graphics).

I also have extensive marketing experience: previously I worked for Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies in marketing. I began as a Marketing Coordinator, and within 5 years advanced to the position of E-Commerce Manager. These experiences, along with experience running my own business and continuing education through classes and webinars, enable me to provide my clients guidance in determining what will make their website successful in meeting their objectives.

I have spent the past year as Digital Marketing Executive in Scotland, where I achieved Partner Certification by Google in AdWords, Mobile and Video Advertising, and became a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. I currently manage approximately £250,000 ad spend annually, am part of a team that sends out over half a million emails each month, am actively involved in search engine optimization, and have been leading the team in video marketing and social media marketing activities.

I am fully skilled in creating interactive web sites such as social networking community sites, online stores, dynamically-generated database sites, searchable sites, and other Internet-based applications. I have a passion for numbers and love to analyze website statistics to call out interesting and pertinent data. I can also provide print marketing materials (such as newsletters and e-newsletters, postcards, brochures, etc.), custom freelance scripts, digital photography, print-on-demand books and training upon request.

If there's anything you need that I don't have the skills for, I have a network of graphic artists, photographers, copywriters, and programmers. Please look at my portfolio for a better idea of the skills and abilities I have to offer.